Day of Happiness

Faith Prayer Worship

March 20th is International Day of Happiness! Did you know? The United Nations set the date 11 years ago. You can find out more about IDoH at

I heard someone mention ‘Glimmers’ recently. ‘Glimmers’ are the opposite of ‘Triggers’ – not the things that trigger annoyance and frustration, but the things that bring happiness and joy. What are life’s ‘glimmers’ for you – seeing beauty in nature, time with loved ones, happy memories…?

Take a moment to bring to mind the things that bring you happiness into your life.

No, don’t read on until you have paused and thought of at least three ‘Glimmers’ – maybe something at work, in your community, church, or at home that fills you with happiness…

On Wednesday 20th, the regular online Wednesday Evening Prayers will take happiness as the theme…. do join with others on Facebook or YouTube at 10pm – or watch the Replay whenever suits you.

Be happy…


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